86. szám // 2021. Mobilitás a rendi társadalomban


Megjelent: 2022.03.02.

Forgó András

Megyéspüspöki kinevezések, 1686–1799

Social Mobility in the Catholic Hierarchy: Diocesan Bishops’ Appointments 1686–1799

DOI: 10.52656/KORALL.2021.04.003


The study presents the composition of the body of Roman Catholic diocesanbishops based on royal appointments between 1686 and 1799. The main an-gles of the research are social status, education, monastic affiliation, geographicalorigin, transfers and accumulating benefices, and appointment to cardinalship.The study seeks to resolve the contradiction between two prevalent statementsin historical scholarship, which upholds both that the ecclesiastic estate was tra-ditionally an important sphere for social mobility, and that the episcopal bodyin eighteenth-century Hungary was a closed circle, with a membership based onstatus and political reliability.